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February 8, 2016
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February 15, 2016
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5IQ reduced 322-160


Where do I obtain traffic?

Clients come to us all the time here at LinkTrust asking if we have affiliate’s, offers, or  traffic that they can buy. Previously we didn’t.
Now we do! 5IQ is now fully integrated within LinkTrust to help you increase your traffic and revenue by making it easy to recruit affiliates! This new feature can be found as in the image below, by clicking on the “Recruit Affiliates” tab when you add a new affiliate. Don’t already have a LinkTrust account? No problem, Click Here for a free trial!

 So, What is 5IQ?

5IQ helps advertisers, networks and agencies discover and recruit new affiliates.  They have a database of 700,000 different affiliates and they know which of those affiliates are sending traffic to which advertisers.  This makes it really easy to help advertisers and networks identify which sites are working with their competitors! 5IQ is also very handy because they help you find targeted affiliates that relate directly to your product. Don’t waste anymore time hunting down affiliates at trade shows, especially don’t waste anymore time doing Google searches to find affiliates.
The idea for 5IQ came when Van Chappell lead the sales team in the industry.  He knew he wanted to strike out on his own, and after speaking with a number of people it seemed like recruiting affiliates was an area that was painful for most of them.  Van ventured out to provide a way to use technology to discover which affiliates were working with which advertisers and hence 5IQ was born!


See the video below to see how 5IQ works.

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