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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR)

Human Rights and Digital Marketing.

As a leader in digital marketing software and because digital marketing impacts society and everyone's lives, LinkTrust has a social responsibility. Just as many businesses recognize their social responsibility to recycle their waste or to provide off time to new parents, we recognize our unique position to influence the amount of proliferation of gambling and pornography. Pornography specifically has direct ties to human trafficking and the exploitation of children and the innocent. Our goal is to make a positive impact within our sphere of influence regarding the epidemic of human rights violations.


LinkTrust has a long history within the online marketing and technology industry in the fight against gambling, pornography, explicit images and sexually oriented web sites. As governments, law enforcement agencies and nongovernmental organizations address human rights issues, we are aligned with the growing number of corporations that provide their commitment and support to these efforts. The purpose of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is to demonstrate our values and commitment to make the world a better place for humanity and to make clear the conduct we uphold and expect of others.

Employee Involvement

Since the inception of LinkTrust, members of the LinkTrust team have been dedicated to recognizing and reporting practices that violate company policy regarding pornography and inappropriate materials and websites.

Our Commitment

LinkTrust’s commitment to human rights is communicated to all employees and reinforced through a variety of methods.

  • We protect company employees who report violations of our corporate social responsibility policy.
  • LinkTrust actively cooperates with requests from national, state and local law enforcement agencies.
  • We hold clients accountable for violations of the company’s social responsibility policy. The LinkTrust anti-porn policy is expressed within the LinkTrust Terms and Conditions of use.

Clients and their affiliates must meet the following minimum basic requirements to use LinkTrust services: No Gambling, pornographic, adult only, sexually oriented or related web sites/creatives as determined by LinkTrust.

You may contact LinkTrust to arrange for a review of questionable campaigns for compliance prior to campaign launch. Campaigns will be deemed acceptable to LinkTrust on a case by case basis, in LinkTrust’s reasonable discretion. LinkTrust retains the right to audit the campaigns and material clients are distributing through LinkTrust. If reviewed material is deemed to violate the standards set forth in our terms and conditions, according to LinkTrust’s discretion, LinkTrust will request that the client make changes to bring the campaign and material into compliance with LinkTrust terms and conditions. If client fails to make the necessary changes LinkTrust is authorized to remove the campaign, materials or terminate this account immediately, without liability to LinkTrust.

Call to Action

At LinkTrust, we believe that all individuals and organizations have an obligation to uphold Human Rights practices that support the health of individuals, families, societies and humanity as a whole. We encourage others to recognize their impact on the world around them and to embrace and promote responsible business practices.

We all can do something.