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July 16, 2014
Hourly Reporting from LinkTrust
August 1, 2014
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Hourly Reporting and more in LinkTrust

Hourly Analytics Report

We’ve given real-time reporting a new meaning with this report. In the swiftly moving world of online marketing, analyzing traffic on an hour-by-hour basis can be crucial.

LinkTrust users can monitor their traffic, conversions and financial trends by hour in the Hourly Analytics Report.

Acting on this report is easy with the graphs visually representing the trends in traffic for your team to quickly make changes to campaigns, landing pages, affiliates and more.

Hourly Graph

Affiliate Sub-User Log In

Allow affiliates to create their own sub-logins to their own affiliate accounts. As an extra bonus, LinkTrust clients can customize the experience when these sub-users login, such as hiding reporting, APIs or changing the stylesheet.

In addition, when sub-users get tracking links or campaign creatives, their sub-user ID is automatically appended as the Sub ID so their link placements can be reflected within reporting.

Assign Affiliates to Multiple Groups

Now it doesn’t matter if your affiliate is an emailer, blogger and an ad buyer, you can have them in multiple groups to easier manage their creatives and campaigns.

New Formulas in LeadGen

This new data formula allows you to take a single data field value and split it into two separate fields.  For example, a single field where ‘fullname=John Doe’ can now be split into two separate fields such as ‘firstname=John’ and ‘lastname=Doe’.

New Campaign Listing API

Get a list of all campaigns in your account along with their basic details.  This API returns XML or JSON results for each campaign or a single campaign when you pass in a Campaign ID. To use this API, ensure that your user account has the right to “view all campaigns in reports”.

Updates to Advertiser Center

Now you can provide your advertisers with the name and contact information of the affiliates who sent traffic to their campaigns.  This feature can be enabled on a per campaign basis. For advertising agencies, this feature makes it easy to allow your clients to see and even work directly with the affiliates and marketing channels running their campaigns.


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