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Digital Marketing and Affiliate Tracking.

  Run a successful affiliate program.
  Track & monitor all of your digital marketing.
  Manage your lead generation.
  Customize your account & white label your look.
  See all of your marketing attribution.
  Track performance by ad, product, mobile device, affiliate, media channels, etc.
  Run a successful Ad Network.

Display ads, redirect clicks to your website & track the sales.

  Ad rotator to manage which ads show on your websites.
  Simple pixel code to track sales on your website.
  Easily integrated with any shopping cart.
  See where your customers are going when they get to your website.
  See all of your marketing attribution.
  Track performance by ad, product, mobile device, affiliate, media channels, etc.
  No programming required.

Get Your Account Setup Today!

  One-time activation fee.
  Schedule your free personal training immediately.
  Take our learning tours and get walked through your account!
  We'll help you build your first campaign with you.
  We'll import your current affiliates for free!
  We'll Setup your first SSL for free.

Search Among Thousands of Offers That You Can Sell.

  Offers come from leading advertisers and online ad agencies.
  Apply to run an offer with a single click.
  Copy offers into your account so your affiliates can run them too.
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We'll Introduce You To New Affiliates!

  Search hundreds of direct affiliates/traffic sources.
  Recruit affiliates for your niche from over 700,000 affiliate related websites.
  Invite traffic sources to become your affiliate and start sending you traffic.
  Easily communicate and manage your traffic sources.
  Pay a small commission fee for traffic sources that make sales.
  Advertise your offers to hundreds of agencies for free.
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We Work To Make The World a Better Place.

Because LinkTrust is a leader in digital marketing software and because digital marketing impacts society and everyone's lives, we work to deter companies and individuals from proliferating marketing and advertising related to gambling and pornography.

  We don't allow the advertising or tracking of adult, porn or gambling content.
  We are a family owned and operated company.
  We are committed to having the highest personal and business integrity.
  You can trust your reputation with us.
Click here to read our Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

One Login to Rule Them All!

See all of your marketing and business information on your LinkTrust dashboard! Our All-In-One Dashboard is integrated
with dozens of services to give you a comprehensive view of how your company is performing in all areas of business. Learn more >

Get Answers to Your Deeper Questions

1How Customizable is LinkTrust?


We pride ourselves on being the most flexible solution, and we have the client base to prove it!

  Fully white labeled affiliate and advertiser interface.
  Let our designer create a custom template for your brand.
  Use custom domains for your links.
  Add a signup for affiliates & advertisers to your own website.
  Display your own logo to your users in the admin interface.
  Customizable email templates.
  Capture leads using your own field names.
  Send leads to buyers by matching their fields names.
  Setup your own filters and fraud controls.
  Track any marketing events you want.
  Name your reporting columns what you like.
  Create and save your own custom reports.

See some pre-made Affiliate Center templates.
2How Reliable is the Platform?

LinkTrust is Extremely Reliable!

We are built for enterprise level volume. That means, you can sleep knowing that your tracking links are always active.

  Load balanced, clustered and virtual environment.
  Regular and automatic data backups.
  Best in class hardware infrastructure.
  Dedicated network team.

See our uptime status in real-time.
See our business continuity information.
3What Features Does LinkTrust Have?

More Features Than Anyone!

We've been doing this longer than anyone which means we have more creative solutions to solve your problems and improve your day. View our complete feature list.

We have hundreds of features. Here are just a few that you might want to know about...

  All-in-one Dashboard.
  Affiliate management.
  Campaign management.
  Lead management.
  Lead distribution.
  Lead validation.
  Fraud detection.
  Affiliate & advertiser signup and login.
  Mobile tracking.
  Geo targeting.
  Step/event tracking.
  Vanity and shortened links.
  Digital tax documents.
  Customizable look.
 Traffic and conversion caps.
  Product tracking.
  Ad rotator.
  Lead Ping Tree.
  User tasks.
  Domain blacklist protection.
  Marketplace to get offers and traffic.
  Place and manage pixels.
  Automated reports emailed to you.
  Customizable reports.
  Set revenue shares and static payouts.
  Suppression list integration.
  CSV downloads.
  Hide referrer URLs.
  Multiple attribution payment models: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, Lead Gen, Mobile Install, In-app purchases, Call Tracking.
  Custom payouts.
  Integrate into any shopping cart.
  Ping-post, query stream, get, XML, JSON, email, weighted, round-robin, priority, random, and more.
  Affiliate and campaign import.
  Cookie, digital fingerprint and server side tracking.
  Permissions to set admin users, power users, campaign managers, affiliate managers, Reporting users and more.
4Tell me More About The Company.

We've Powered Digital & Affiliate Marketing Since 2002

The secret to our success is the amazing men and women who work here. See for yourself.

  We specialize in online marketing, tracking & reporting software.
  Our purpose is to make the world a better place within our sphere of influence.
  We don't allow offensive, adult or gambling campaigns or traffic thought our platform. You can trust your reputation to ours. See our Corporate Social Responsibility policy.
  Trusted by over 170 companies world-wide.
  Used by tens of thousands of marketing professionals!
  Family owned business: no meddling out-of-touch investors here!
  LinkTrust has no debt. We're a 100% cash based company and we don't borrow money!
  We're located in Provo, Utah, at the heart of the region’s rapidly growing tech sector, the Silicon Slopes.
5Who Are Your Typical Clients?

We Power Small, Medium and Large Businesses!

Our client base includes everything from entrepreneurs & small businesses to large corporations.

  We power advertising agencies who direct the marketing of their advertisers.
  We power ad & affiliate networks who broker offers with traffic sources.
  We power advertisers who want to sell their own product or service.
  We power lead generators & brokers who capture leads online and sell them to advertisers.
6Do You Have APIs?


We have many powerful APIs so that you can connect your software to LinkTrust and expand your capabilities. View our API documentation here.

  Ability to reject and accept leads in real time.
  Integrate your dashboard with over 50 other premium services like Google, Infusionsoft, Salesforce, Mailchimp etc.
7Do You Have A Mobile Interface?

We Sure Do!

We automatically present a mobile experience when you login from your mobile device.

  Nothing to install, download or update.
  Works on all mobile devices.
  Jump immediately to our desktop interface anytime.
8What is Your Billing Cycle and Policy?

We Bill Monthly.

Your credit card is billed each month in advance for the next month of service. See our full billing policy.

  Update your payment information online.
  Download monthly invoices as needed.
9Is There A Difference Between LinkTrust & Google Analytics?


Google Analytics provides deep insight into your site performance, detailed reporting for your paid campaigns that are tagged with UTM parameters including audience insights and behavior, the customer journey and what pages and content are being utilized. It integrates easily with Google Adwords, Google Display network and provides SEO keyword optimizations if integrated properly.

LinkTrust helps to specifically manage paid campaigns, affiliate programs, lead generation and helps determine the ROI of specific affiliates/traffic sources and campaigns. With the new dashboard you can now see a more holistic view of performance from other channels. LinkTrust provides detailed reporting down to the affiliate/traffic source level, what creative is being used, click through rates and conversion rates.

Google can help you see what's happening beyond the click/conversion and how people are interacting with your site as well as where LinkTrust's campaigns fall in the mix of your other marketing efforts whether you're using LinkTrust to manage affiliates, capture leads or other paid traffic sources.
10Who Do You Integrate With?

We Integrate With Lots Of People!

  Our Dashboard integrates with over 50 companies.
  Integrate with any lead form.
  Simple tracking integration.
  Capture leads from anywhere or anyone.
  View all of your marketing and business data in one place.
  Integrated with Call Tracking services.
  Integrated with affiliate payment services.
  Integrated with fraud detection services.

11How do I pay my affiliates?

However you want.

We are integrated with PayQuicker, EntroPay and Payoneer to make paying your affiliates easier, but you can also pay your affiliates via ACH, PayPal, check, wire transfer, Quickbooks, or any system you want to use.

12How much data are we able to pull from the platform for marketing research and reporting?

You can pull lots of data!

You can pull IP address, date/time, campaign, affiliate, creative, click referrer, conversion referrer, revenue, commission, profit, margin, click through rate, percent of clicks that lead to approved conversions, effective CPM, earnings per click, and any other parameters you want to add to a tracking link or confirmation pixel.