Mobile Analytic Reporting by LinkTrust
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February 13, 2015
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November 4, 2015
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Mobile Analytic Reporting by LinkTrust

Mobile Analytic Reporting by LinkTrust

Provo, Utah (May 20, 2015) – LinkTrust, the world leader in data tracking software, is proud to announce the release of its newest feature: A mobile analytic report that enables you to know and understand your mobile traffic by automatically collecting, organizing and displaying your mobile data in an easy to read and customizable report.

Mobile Analytic Reporting puts the power of mobile data at your fingertips. Statistics displayed on the mobile analytic report can be easily viewed as 7 day reports anytime within the last 3 months of data. Using parent and child rows, This new report allows you to filter by device, carrier, country, operating system and others to customize the information you want to see. You can see data in the way that best matches your needs.

CEO of LinkTrust, Bret Grow said,

“In our fast paced, technological world, people have become attached to their smartphones. Like a six shooter on a cowboy, everyone has a smartphone on their hip or in their pocket. As a result, mobile traffic has increased dramatically, and we can’t rely just on traditional web analytics to understand the consumer anymore. Understanding the mobile data can help determine how our website works best for mobile devices, text campaigns, mobile advertising and desktop promotion of mobile sites and services. Understanding how customers interact with our clients products via smartphones allows them to know more about who their customer is and enables them to adapt to their needs. Mobile traffic has been one of the most difficult pieces of data to track and measure until now.”

Use Mobile Analytics and start tapping the potential of your mobile traffic.

To find out more information please visit: LinkTrust Mobile Analytics

About LinkTrust

As the most reliable provider of affiliate management and tracking software, LinkTrust powers many of the most successful ad networks and online advertisers in the affiliate marketing industry. The sophisticated ad tracking, affiliate management and lead distribution software allows clients to manage limitless affiliates on a user-friendly platform. LinkTrust is recognized for outstanding customer support and platform reliability among networks, advertisers and affiliates. Innovation and accuracy are the heart of this successful enterprise-level system, which has been serving customers and pixels since 2002.
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