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LinkTrust and the Advertiser

It’s no mystery that advertisers are critical to performance marketing. Whether running their own in-house program, utilizing affiliate networks, or outsourcing their program management to an agency — advertisers are supplying the products, services and money that grow the performance marketing industry.

New Advertiser Center

The new Advertiser Center in LinkTrust gives you more flexibility when it comes to working with advertisers. The release today is just the first phase of the updates coming this year. All of these updates will make it easier than ever to give advertisers more visibility, confidence and tools.


Starting June 11, 2014, you can let advertisers apply to your network or agency. Once applied, it’s simple to approve or deny their applications from within the LinkTrust admin interface. Approved advertisers can log in to a customizable interface and view performance stats for the campaigns you’ve assigned to them. When an advertiser logs in, they’ll be immediately taken to the campaign performance report. This makes it easy to see their best performing campaigns. In a follow up release, they will be taken to a customizable dashboard first.


“Merchants” Are Now “Advertisers”

Over the years, LinkTrust has referred to advertisers as merchants. However, the industry lingo has solidified, and “merchant” has become less popular than “advertiser”. So, we’ve replaced the word “merchant” with “advertiser” within LinkTrust. The only exception to this name change is the “Merchant Reference ID” parameter and token because it may already be in use within your pixels.

More APIs From LinkTrust

Along with all of the updates for advertisers, we’ve also got some great new APIs to make it easier to automate your interactions with LinkTrust. The LinkTrust University has all the details on how to use them, but feel free to contact support for any questions you might have. The following new APIs are available:

  • Create a CPA, CPL or CPC campaign.
  • Get a detailed list of the advertisers within your account.
  • Create new advertisers.

Finally, we’re making it possible for you to hide the individual tracking links displayed for each creative on the creative listing page within the affiliate center. This facilitates simplifying your affiliate’s experience and encouraging your affiliates to grab the entire creative rather than simply copying a tracking link.

Keep an eye out for more advertiser-friendly features over the upcoming months from LinkTrust. If you have any suggestions on features that you’d love to see, please let us know!

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  1. […] Our June release was the first in a series of updates designed with the middle man in mind. The new advertiser center creates a sleek new place for agencies and networks to send their advertisers. Rather than relaying stats and creating custom reports for each client, they can login and get access to all of the information they need. […]

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