Payday Lead Software | LinkTrust

Capture, Analyze and Sell Payday leads

LinkTrust’s Payday Lead Solution is a lead distribution system that enables online marketers to monetize payday leads from a powerful, intuitive interface

Why do Payday Leads with LinkTrust?

  • Ultimate Flexibility – Design your campaigns exactly how you want, creating your own custom rules and criteria.
  • Maximum ROI – Eliminate human error, ensuring that the highest number of leads is sold to the very best buyer.
  • Time Saving – Say goodbye to manual work, spreadsheets or difficult integrations. We make lead distribution easy with automated lead posting instructions and more.
  • Robust Feature Set – Everything you need for selling leads, affiliate management and reporting.
  • Third Party Integrations – Use existing 3rd Party integrations or create your own.

Full Ping Tree

  • Lead distribution is quick and easy with drag and drop buyer management
  • Optimize distribution and redirects with tier and buyer rules
  • Customize ping tree for ultimate flexibility when auctioning leads

Simple Posting Instructions

Working with affiliates to get the lead data in LinkTrust is easy with our simplified posting instructions. You can accept leads in JSON, XML, Query String, & Form Post.

Earn More Revenue on Every Lead

  • Payday offers are easy to setup (no developer required).
  • Resell leads to multiple buyers.
  • Capture lead data for your own remarketing.
  • Accept, reject and sell the way you want with filters, rules and more.
  • Replicate data to external locations (ex: CRM, ESP, List Brokers).

Data Formulas

Provide a better experience by calculating data from landing pages.

Advanced Brokering Features

From drag & drop ping trees to secure host & post, you can do everything to capture, distribute and sell the leads the way you want using LinkTrust — even warm transfers.

Dynamic Consumer Redirection

  • Easily redirect consumers to your buyer’s confirmation page.
  • Track and enforce confirmation page redirect rates.
  • Notify affiliates of sales in real-time with full pixel management.

Managing your Affiliates

  • Keep affiliates informed with drill-down reporting in our intuitive affiliate interface
  • New affiliate sign ups are easy to control and manage with built-in fraud prevention tools
  • Know what your affiliates are doing and where traffic is coming from in real-time with extensive reports

Available Reports

  • Lead Status by Campaign
  • Lead Status by Affiliate
  • Lead Listing
  • Buyer Performance
  • Affiliate Performance
  • Manager Performance
  • Affiliate Trends
  • And more!