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RedirectBuyer is NOW Integrated!

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RedirectBuyer is taking the domain world by storm with its new and exclusive domain parking program. They are the new standard for monetization and optimization, taking revenues of your domains to unprecedented levels. If you are truly serious about maximizing revenue, then start redirecting your unwanted traffic today and let them show you what success really looks like!

How Does RedirectBuyer Work?

RedirectBuyer is directly integrated with LinkTrust so if you are running an offer that only accepts certain types of traffic, for example from the UK, your filtered traffic will be sent to RedirectBuyer. They then geo-target the previously lost traffic to a page with country specific offers to monetize your international traffic.

How to Use Redirect Buyer?

Getting set-up with RedirectBuyer is easy!  RedirectBuyer is already fully integrated within LinkTrust for your use! Revenue generated from your traffic will create a credit towards your monthly LinkTrust account fees.  This option is available for expired, duplicate by IP, blocked affiliates, traffic caps, and geo-filtered click traffic redirects.  This new redirect may be set for all new campaigns by selecting it on the default campaign settings page.

Need More Reasons?

  • They Monetize All International Traffic

o  Through our strategic partnership, they are able to monetize traffic for 100% of your traffic, making sure you don’t lose any revenue.

  • Optimization Team

o  Their team is constantly monitoring and testing offers and landing page designs, ensuring that your traffic is generating the largest amount of revenue possible.

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