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November 29, 2011
Transaction Modification API, QR Codes and More!
December 6, 2011
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Release 6.8.2

Check out the features in this release…

Transaction Modification API
Generate QR Codes
Affiliate-Specific Creatives
Improved Search Criteria
Affiliate Center Improvements
Search by Affiliate Payment Terms

Transaction Modification API

Say goodbye to manually editing transactions! Now you can remotely edit a transaction’s payout, revenue or whether it is approved for an affiliate. The remote editing of transactions can be automated via API or by using the LinkTrust Windows app. In addition to editing your own transactions, you can grant access to a merchant to allow them to edit their own transactions. For added security, this feature is enabled for each campaign individually, configured with a custom password and may be restricted to specific White Listed IP addresses.

Generate QR Codes

LinkTrust can now generate QR codes for any tracking link. Take your online marketing to a new level by introducing this new way of external tracking. You can use QR codes on your websites to get to a mobile application installation page quicker, or take them offline and use them in your local marketing efforts.

A QR code is a 2D image that stores information similar to a bar code. We’ve incorporated the highest level of optimization for maximum device compatibility and error correction. That means that our QR codes are supported by most mobile devices and have the highest level of reliability, even when utilized in print ads where the image can become smudged.

Affiliate-Specific Creatives:

Customize which creatives display for an affiliate with this new feature. Now you can display specific creatives to a particular affiliate and/or affiliate group for an offer within the Affiliate Center.

Improved Search Criteria

  • With additional search criteria on the top of the Campaign Requests page (shown below) you can locate campaign requests using campaign details and/or affiliate details.
  • Additional criteria added to the Creative Search page make it easier to find a specific creative. The addition of paging and sub-ordering the creative means search result pages load faster.
  • The new search on an Affiliate’s assigned Campaigns page makes it easy to find campaigns assigned to an affiliate. This is especially useful for those super affiliates that are running multiple campaigns.
  • New search criteria make it easy to locate specific unassigned campaigns for an affiliate on the Add Campaigns page within an affiliate’s details and then assign them to that affiliate.
  • With affiliate applications pouring in en masse, you might deny one you meant to approve. Now you can search denied affiliate applications based on up to 10 criteria on the Denied Affiliate Applications page.
  • The Merchant Search page now loads results in navigable bunches with the addition of paging. Finding a specific merchant is easy too, you can search based on company name, contact name, email address and/or payment terms.
  • How many times have you been on Instant Messenger (IM) when an unknown affiliate has started chatting with you? Now you can search on the Affiliate Search page based on the IM address to find out more about the person with whom you are chatting.
  • Now you can display all stats adjustments within the Adjustment log regardless of campaign or affiliate.
  • We’ve added the Merchant’s Company Name to the affiliate’s Assigned Campaigns page, the merchant’s company name will display below the campaign name.
  • Selecting the right campaign in the Campaign Search modal is easier now because the merchant’s company name and campaign default revenue will be displayed when you turn on the rights to view merchant details.

Affiliate Center Improvements

Give Affiliates More Data

  • You asked us for more data points to append to an affiliate’s pixel, now you can pass the Click Referrer and the Click User Agent to your affiliates. These two additional data fields are useful to affiliates analyzing their conversions to determine which page they are originating from as well as the consumer’s browser, OS, plugins and device.
  • Now you don’t have to export transaction details just to get the User Agent of the consumer who converted. View the click and conversion user agents on the Transaction Details page in the Partner Center.

Clarify preview links in Affiliate Center

  • We’ve heard of affiliates using the preview link in the HTML source code in the Affiliate Center to run an offer. We’ve added “DO_NOT_USE_FOR_TRACKING” in the preview links so they remember to go get the appropriate tracking link.

Improved Navigation from Request Offer to Offer Details

  • After your affiliates request an offer for which they are automatically approved, they will be able to jump straight to the details of the offer.

Added Four Additional Traffic Types

  • You asked us for additional traffic types, now you can mark traffic as Call Center, Pay-Per-Call, Pre-Pop and Mobile. These traffic types can be applied to any affiliate and campaign as well as be searched on where ever traffic type filters currently exist.

Affiliate Center Page Customization Settings

  • Prevent unwanted changes to your Affiliate Center Templates by editing in the new textbox instead of in WYSIWYG mode. The textbox will load first by default.

Search by Affiliate Payment Terms

Now you can set the payment terms on each affiliate so you can filter your Affiliate Commissions Report and search based on Net-7, Net-30, etc.

Additional Features

CAPTCHA on the Affiliate Signup Page

Say goodbye to non-human and computer automated affiliate applications. This feature allows clients to add a CAPTCHA to their affiliate application pages, which are hosted by LinkTrust. Affiliate applicants are required to enter the words displayed (or heard) prior to submitting their affiliate application. The CAPTCHA is enabled by default, but will not interfere with any custom affiliate application pages you may already be hosting.

Reset Password for Partner Center

Here’s a feature we might be more excited about than you, now each Partner Center Login password can be reset by email. LinkTrust support will no longer need to manually reset your passwords if you forget it.

New Quick Links to Improve Productivity

We added a link to the Link Generator from the affiliate’s assigned campaigns page. When this icon is clicked, the link generator is opened and the appropriate campaign/affiliate links are automatically generated. This gives affiliate managers a quicker method for getting an affiliate’s tracking links for testing or emailing. It also allows a quick method to get the merchant’s pixel.
We also added a link to make Adjustments from the affiliate’s assigned campaigns page. When this icon is clicked, the Adjustments menu is opened and the user can make payout and revenue adjustments to transactions as well as adjust reporting stats

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