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Step/Event Tracking ($25/mo)

Track and monetize the journey your customers take as they navigate your website. Track your up-sales, newsletter signups, and more.

Custom Links ($25/mo)

Customize your links to match your brand. Allow affiliates to create vanity links to use in their marketing.

Personalized Training ($25/mo)

Become a marketing tech guru! Get 30 minutes of personalized software training each month from our experienced team.

Click Analytics ($15/mo)

Add additional click analytics to your account. View and download all the details associated with every click

Mobile Device Analytics ($30/mo)

See which mobile devices are creating more click traffic and sales.

Advertiser Login ($15/mo)

Let your advertisers login to view their own performance and financial report.

APIs ($25/mo)

Connect to our APIs and automate your account management and reporting.

Phone Support ($25/mo)

Get friendly and professional phone support weekdays between 9 am to 5 pm MST.

Add More Campaigns ($5/mo)

Add additional campaigns to your account. Upgrade to unlimited campaigns for only $50/mo.

Add More Affiliates ($5/mo)

Add additional affiliates to your account. Upgrade to unlimited affiliates for only $100/mo.

Delayed Lead Delivery ($50/mo)

Schedule time delays when sending leads to additional buyers or services. *Only available with the Lead Management Add-on.

Dedicated IP Address ($100/mo)

Get a dedicated IP address for your tracking link. This includes one domain security certificate (https).

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