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August 20, 2014
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September 18, 2014
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Step Tracking Now Available

There’s nothing linear about marketing. Getting consumers to your site, to stay on your site and to convert can take a million different paths. Step tracking lets you keep track of whether consumers go from ad to conversion or if they take a few other paths in-between.

This new capability tracks any events between click and conversion and anything after the conversion happens. Tracking these steps (also known as occurrences or events) provides an overall view of traffic patterns on your site, helping you reward affiliates that perform consistently and eliminate the weak points in a campaign.

What is a step? A step is anything that happens within a campaign that you want to track separately and that could potentially generate an affiliate payout.

Up Sell Step

When a customer buys more products than the original landing page was promoting, that’s an up sell.

Behind the Scenes

You can add an additional payout with step tracking and reward your affiliates for sending great traffic. You choose flat payouts or a percent of the total sale for each step pixel and keep your affiliates happy.

Results Page Step

Consumers like to know what they’re getting before they buy. You need to know if they’re visiting other pages on your site before they convert.

Behind the Scenes

Record the visits to this secondary page as a click with a step pixel on as many subpages as you want to track.

Recurring Rev Step

When the customer signs up for your subscription you can pay your affiliates on an ongoing basis.

Behind the Scenes

No need to create an entirely new campaign to track recurring revenue, you can keep track of it all in the same campaign with a step pixel and AFID postback to create the recurring commission.

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