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Track Your Marketing Performance

See which channels of your marketing produce results!

Optimize your digital marketing and make smarter decisions. Use LinkTrust to track all of your marketing efforts like cost per ad display (CPM), cost per click (CPC), cost per lead (CPL), cost per action or sale (CPA), and more. Knowing your marketing performance per channel results in increased revenue and lower marketing costs.

The Digital Marketer's Toolbox.

A feature rich and intuitive solution to simplify your digital marketing efforts.

Campaign Managment

Track and optimize the performance of your ads, leads, calls and sales across all of your marketing channels.

Multi-Channel Attribution

Track which media channels, websites, ads and agencies are actually producing results and which are just costing you money.

Real-time Reporting

All your data and stats are kept current to the milli-second. Instant reaction time means you can make big decisions with short turn around.

Step/Event Tracking

Track and monetize the journey your customers take as they navigate your website. Track your up-sales, newsletter signups, and more.

Customizable Filters

Customize filters to ignore bots, spiders and duplicate visitors.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Caps

Set limits on conversions and leads while getting real-time alerts when caps are met or getting close.

Fraud Detection

Proactively combat fraud with our suite of fraud prevention tools that monitor your marketing traffic to identify fraud 24/7.

Mobile Tracking

Track mobile app installs and user engagement with our unparalleled server-side technology and powerful real-time mobile reporting.


Route traffic from different geo locations to specifically designed landing pages to improve the customer's experience.

Complete APIs

Integrate your own software and applications to run on top of our platform.

E-commerce Ready

Easily integrate with your shopping cart to provide real-time sales performance reporting to you and your affiliates.

Custom, Vanity & Short Links

Customize your advertised tracking links to match your brand. Allow your affiliates to create shortened or vanity links to use in their marketing.

Flexible Tracking Options

Our accurate, flexible tracking options keep things humming for you. Tracking by cookie, pixel, session, mobile or server to server and more.

Multiple Revenue Models

Track and payout commissions on anything! Pay commissions to affiliates based on ad views, clicks, sales, leads, continuity, up-sells, and more.

Call Tracking & Analytics

Track phone calls like clicks and get detailed call analytics. Create local and toll free phone numbers for ads. Institute a Pay Per Call (PPC) program as an incentive to affiliates.

Integrated Software

Integrate with other software like Payoneer, PayPal, QuickBooks, Invoca, Salesforce, InfusionSoft, ESPs, ad servers and more! Nice, right?!

Domain Protection

Protect your website domains from being black listed and hurting your marketing results.

Easy To Learn

We reduced the learning curve with simple walk throughs, tool tips, demonstrations and documentation to show you how to use and maximize LinkTrust.

User Friendly Interface

Intuitive interface and drag and drop functionality eliminate the need for high tech experience and make working easy!

It's easy, here's the short of it...

LinkTrust tracks and optimizes all of your ad traffic as consumers go to your website landing pages. Get real-time analytics on the number times every ad was displayed, the number of consumers who clicked on them and whether sales occurred as a result!
  • LinkTrust made it so easy that we’ve been able to extend our program to dealing with smaller websites we just didn’t have time for before.  We didn’t have the time or the people in-house to do all the work. With LinkTrust we were able to keep our staff the same size. Outside of the innovative features in LinkTrust, the customer service is the best. From the day you sign up they are there to help you move things along. You aren’t just given the technology and left alone.  Anyone who is looking for affiliate tracking software should choose LinkTrust.
    Jason Zeller, Program Manager
    Publishers Clearing House
  • LinkTrust is on the leading edge of tracking technology.  They are doing things better than most companies because they are gauging where tracking is moving and seeing the future of the industry. Instead of sticking to business as usual, LinkTrust is looking at other opportunities to expand, making it easy for me to try new things as well.
    Geoff Clay, Managing Partner
    Total Marketing Solutions
  • Without LinkTrust, I don't think I'd be in this business.  LinkTrust even promotes their customers at events and within.  They're 'Jonny on the spot' with support - their service is second to none!   Affiliates love the reporting and makes me look better in the business.  The LinkTrust people make it so simple.  They've been fantastic!
    Rich Nolan, CEO
    RTK Media
  • The customer service is the best!  LinkTrust is better than other systems we used in the past.  It's self-explanatory and easy to use.
    Zach Ray
    Triad Media
  • Our engineering team has a lot of experience in the performance marketing space and LinkTrust was chosen.  We looked at many options but LinkTrust was the best for our needs.  LinkTrust allows us to present a very clean and easy to use interface for our affiliates.
    Randy Mitchelson, CEO
    National Web Leads
  • LinkTrust has enabled us to become more than just a network with their Lead Generation and e-commerce tools.  New capabilities are always coming out and they listen to their customers.
    Leah Bradbury, CEO
    Plasmid Media
  • We do a lot of 'out of the box' stuff with LinkTrust and their support team is always there for us!  It's been a great experience.
    Tom McErlane, CEO
    Rate Special
  • After considering other solutions to manage our EDU lead generation campaigns, we chose LinkTrust based upon their excellent lead management system, easy to use interface and their outstanding support. Their superior technology and professionalism made our decision to select LinkTrust an easy one.
    Adam Haber, CEO
    Higher Level Education
  • I am most impressed with LinkTrust's level of support.  In addition, their staff is friendly and always customer service oriented.  In terms of tracking, the level of accuracy is unequaled.
    Sam Sim, CEO
    Guppy Media
  • We have used several different platforms to manage affiliates since our inception, and we have found LinkTrust to be the most stable, user friendly, and best value.    They were helpful and instrumental in alleviating the stresses and complications involved with migrating to another platform.
    Chris Kautz, CEO
    Affiliate Crossing
  • LinkTrust is by far the best tracking solution we have tried. We've tried many others and these guys are way ahead of their competitors. They're up-time is great, they have accurate tracking, their support is A++, they have good fraud filters, it's very user friendly and easy to work with.
    Raquel Napier, CEO
    Innovative Advertising
  • Usability has been fantastic, easy to learn if you are new, if you are already in the industry for a while, its got all of the features that you need to track. We have used all of the other platforms and LinkTrust has been more than enough!
    Landon Taylor, CEO
    SkyRocket Media
  • LinkTrust has been great for their customer service.  We absolutely have thoroughly enjoyed using the system and its definitely help our network grow and will continue to do so.
    Joy Miskovich, CEO

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