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What you need to know about Lead Generation

Unless you are a born sales rep, chances are lead generation is the most uncomfortable part of your job.

How do you avoid coming off like the typical salesman? How do you get your product or service out there so people know without it looking like you’re only about the bottom dollar? Cold calls are unsuccessful and come off as too aggressive. What’s a business to do?


Lead Generation Basics

Let’s start with what lead generation is not about. It is not about getting every customer out there to buy your products and make you a millionaire. I know, bummer, right?

But, by understanding how lead generation works, you can figure out who really needs your products or services, and how you can get your information in front of them, giving you the leg up on your competitors and building a loyal customer base that buys over and over, increasing your overall income.


Getting Quality Leads

The first thing to figure out is how to get high quality leads. Studies show the most effective lead generating strategies are through company websites, conferences or trade shows, and email with the least effective being direct mail and print advertisements.

It’s important to know these strategies work better than others because of the ability to engage. Your audience is going to engage more with an interactive website that shows all the features of a product they’re interested in rather than a piece of paper that will eventually be thrown away. It’s a no brainer.

Generating leads can be tough because of all the noise geared at the consumer. Brands must having relevant, honest, entertaining and informative information about their product to cut through the noise and find their potential consumers.

Brands also need to add that human aspect. People are going to be compelled by a real life tone that shows an understanding of the consumer needs and how the brand meets that need.

Take a good look at your website, and while you’re at it research your competitors’. How user friendly are they? Do they give the right information? Is it authentic and accurate? Do they have a solid call to action? These things are imperative to generating leads and converting them into actual sales.

Lead Gen

Converting Leads

So, you have a solid lead? Now you need to figure out what state of mind the lead is in. Just because they are interested does not mean they are ready to buy. If you pounce on that lead prematurely, your chances of losing them are pretty high.

You want to develop and nurture a relationship with the potential buyer. Do this by researching the company, the buyer, and their needs. Reach out to them indirectly through blogs, your website content, or email newsletters.

Provide quality authentic content that shows your knowledge of your product or service and your industry.


Finding Challenge Solutions

Use software to increase the amount of leads, help nurture them and organize your efforts so you can continue to develop those relationships and track what is working. An influx of information and competition has put the power in the buyer’s hands.

They have more access to information and are going to choose a brand they find trustworthy and authentic. This changes how we garner interest and market to our audiences. The lead funnel doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems.

A big part of the solution is pouring the necessary resources like budget and staffing into this area.  We all want to increase our leads and bring in more income, but real success happens by listening to your customers and building partnerships with them.

Find out what our customers are saying about LinkTrust software, and let us help you build lead generation savviness!



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