5 Tips to Improve Lead Generation Volume and Performance

Being successful at generating leads and getting those lead to convert is all about the opportunity to approach high-quality leads and the process with which we handle them. Whether you’re a business owner, affiliate, or lead-gen marketer, here are 5 tips to improve lead generation volume and performance.

Don’t Sell!

If this sounds a little crazy, stick with me. I’ll explain. The old way of “selling” a product is outdated. All the power now rest in the buyer’s hands and they are constantly being “sold” to. There is too much information and too many products out there that are being sold to audiences. Don’t be another marketer who’s “selling” something. Instead focus on the need your product/service fulfills or the solution you provide to an issue. This shows our audience that they are important to us and not just a number, making the customer feel valued and lending credibility to your brand.

Personalize Contact

I’m not talking about using their first name. We all know we should learn about our lead before we approach them. I’m talking more in-depth. Our first contact should not be direct. We need to provide qualifications and the answer to why a customer needs a product. Then once we get the lead, we should find out how they like to communicate and mix things up.

Don’t be afraid to get outside the box a little. You can get a lot of data by generalizing demographic information such as millennials, busy moms, business owners, senior citizens, etc. Get crafty. There are more ways to communication than by telephone, email, and direct mail. Host an event or send a personalized card and samples. Keep things simple but personalized and unique. Also, it’s important to remember to stay consistent with your brand. The glue to all your marketing efforts is the brand you’re trying to build.

Be Efficient

Nothing turns off a potential lead like being hounded because of duplicated leads or a clerical error. Make adjustments to your process so that you categorize your leads, identify duplicates and errors, and note mistakes made by systems you use. Also, keep in mind timing of retargeting leads. If they just made a purchase you don’t want to contact them the next day. Test buying activity and behavior with Google Analytics to understand your lead’s behavior. A little effort on your part can yield mega returns.

Stay on the Consumer’s Mind

This is a tactic that takes finesse. You want to stay on your consumer’s mind without annoying and intrusive strategies that turn customers away. Develop a process that works for your brand. Alternate communication strategies and understand your sales funnel to craft specific messages that lead, not push, customers to your product/service. Research and evaluation will provide lots of insight to be successful in this area.

Offer Customer Loyalty

Customers love those tiny rewards that come with buying their favorite things. They are already spending the money and these are little ways a business or marker can thank a customer and ensure their return. So many businesses are using this strategy with points systems, punch cards, discounts, and coupons and it’s proven very successful. Loyalty programs not only help current customers return, it’s also a great way to get referrals and gives incentives for potentials leads!
Once you implement these 5 tips to improve your lead generation volume and performance, LinkTrust can help you manage your new influx of leads and help you build those relationships for higher returns. Need help getting started, contact us!