4 Keys to Successful Influencer Marketing

Justin Timberlake posts “2 Minute Warning” photo on Instagram with some fresh new kicks…

In this saturated advertising market, there is an overwhelming amount of online marketing options. One thing you can’t do is just sit back and expect your target audience to click through your ads, or wait for the latest email special to hit their inbox. Instead, you can reach your audience in direct, targeted ways with influencer marketing, which is why this is becoming a big trend not only for 2018 but for the foreseeable future. Influencer Marketing is here to stay.

So, check out these four keys to a successful influencer marketing campaign:

1. Find your niche. Identify your target customer, then determine which influencer/referral partner it makes sense to pair up with. For example, before and during the 2018 Super Bowl, Justin Timberlake was busy Instagramming himself rehearsing with soon-to-be-released Air Jordan 3 shoes and also a “2 minute warning” photo before the Half Time Show. That was a smart, calculated move by Nike to capitalize on the success of their influencer in a moment where millions of their target audience were engaged. However, don’t feel like you have to seek out a major celebrity; micro-influencers with fewer than 30,000 followers are also a great tool in your belt.

2. Offer quality content. Use your influencer to offer content that’s constantly fresh and relevant, instead of just scattering mentions of your brand. Along with offering quality content, you should regularly examine the social media and other platforms you’re using to make sure that your content is showcased on the best platform.

3. Feature your brand without being obnoxious. Trust your influencer. The best influencers are authentic, writing in their own voice and focusing on their life and experiences instead of overt promotion. When influencers tag you, it makes you look good: you’re adding value to their lives, and followers feel the influencer is being straightforward.

4. Use the right tracking software. LinkTrust makes tracking revenue from influencer and other campaigns simple with an easy-to-use interface that is completely customizable. LinkTrust is a reliable, extremely accurate tracking platform with rock-solid technology.

Influencer marketing is a great trend to join, if you haven’t already. Make sure your influencer is a good fit for your audience, offers interesting content, and is authentic while still getting your brand out front and center. Then track your campaigns and stay nimble with changing trends so you get the most out of your marketing investment and stay relevant to your audience’s needs.