Reminder: February 2020 Google Moves Towards Cookie Restricting

Update: It has come to our attention that some of these changes are evident in Google Tag Manager which, due to it’s restrictions, no longer meets our standard for accurate tracking. Cookie-based tracking customers using Google Tag Manager will need to complete one the following items to ensure proper and successful tracking within the LinkTrust platform:

  • Remove tracking pixels from Google Tag Manager and place then within the <body> tag of your confirmation/Thank You page.
    • Or
  • Update to Server-side tracking.

Recently, Google announced changes coming to Chrome 80 that will take place in February (Google Details Here: chromium blog) .  

As you know, Safari and now Google are the first to release these changes.  Soon Microsoft and Firefox will be making similar changes.  These efforts to improve privacy and security across the web continue to support our long held direction of postback tracking.  

As a pioneer and leader in Affiliate Tracking, LinkTrust was one of the first software solutions to provide a browser independent solution. You may know these methods as Postback, Server-side, Server call or Server 2 Server.  With these solutions, LinkTrust continues to provide leading technology to support an ever changing industry and best in class attribution accuracy.  These solutions alongside others like cookieless tracking and IPBackup are available to all LinkTrust customers. 

For customers using cookie-based tracking which have not moved to a postback solution, please note that immediate action is required. Cookie-based tracking customers will need to complete the following items to ensure proper and successful tracking within the LinkTrust platform:

  • Secure all tracking domains with an SSL Certificate
  • Update all tracking links to use HTTPS.
  • SameSite – Completed by LinkTrust

Important: Going forward, current Cookie-based tracking methods WILL NOT WORK unless your domain has an SSL attached to it. 

Each customer has a limited time to complete this before the scheduled browser update on February 1, 2020.  If you need assistance, please let us know as soon as possible. Again, unless action is taken, all Cookie-based tracking will stop working in Chrome once the update is released.

If you have any questions, please contact LinkTrust Support via: