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LinkTrust Compliance includes proprietary technology that scans over 15 million web pages and more than 150 million links every month, analyzing content and providing customized reports to protect Advertisers, Networks, and Operators from harmful brand violations or regulatory risks.

Our software scans across multiple territories and languages, using a variety of techniques to build a detailed affiliate map for each brand highlighting unknown affiliates, potential compliance issues and much more.

LinkTrust Compliance scans millions of pages across affiliate sites, social media, emails and illegal websites every month. Our software analyzes links, text and images reporting potentially non-compliant content that could pose a risk to your brand via an easy-to-use interface. Coupled with our world-class support and training, LinkTrust takes the hard work out of affiliate compliance monitoring, saving huge amounts of time and reducing your company’s exposure to risk.

For an example list of LinkTrust Compliance Reports click here.