Monitor and optimize the performance of your online marketing efforts, run a successful affiliate program & manage your leads.



Affiliate Management

All the tools you need to run your own affiliate program.

Campaign Management

Easily monitor and manage the performance of all your online ads, leads, calls and sales.

Lead Management

Easily automate your process for capturing, validating and managing leads.

Lead Distribution

Maximize your monetization with a streamlined process of matching your leads with buyers paying the highest price.

Customizable Lead Validation

Customize validation criteria based on your specific needs and the needs of your lead buyers.

Fraud Detection

Proactively combat fraud with our suite of fraud prevention tools that monitor your marketing traffic to identify fraud 24/7.

Affiliate/Advertiser Signup

Allow affiliates and advertisers to sign-up from our page or right from your own website.

Mobile Tracking

Track mobile app installs and user engagement with our unparalleled server-side technology and powerful real-time mobile reporting.


Optimize your marketing efforts by location.

Step/Event Tracking

Track the digital journey of your customers as they travel through your website.

E-commerce Ready

Integrate in just minutes with your current shopping cart and website.

Real-time Reporting

All your data and stats are kept current to the milli-second. Instant reaction time means you can make big decisions with short turn around.

Client/Affiliate Portals

Offer your customers, affiliates and advertisers their own account access where they can monitor performance, get ads and links or view your latest news. Of course you get to choose how much they can see. It’s easy.

Easily Manage Relationships

Enjoy LinkTrust’s intuitive ways to manage your affiliates’ account information. We make it a walk in the park to communicate with your affiliates through customizable newsletters and alerts.

Custom, Vanity & Short Links

Customize your domain names to suit your brand. Allow your affiliates to create shortened or vanity links to use in their marketing.

Integrated Software

For your convenience, we integrate with other software services. Just to make doing business that much easier. Payoneer, PayPal, QuickBooks, Invoca, Salesforce, InfusionSoft, ESPs, ad servers and lots more! We are always adding more. Nice, right?!

Flexible Tracking Options

Our accurate, flexible tracking options keep things humming for you. Tracking by cookie, pixel, session, mobile or server to server and more.

User Accounts

Customize each employee’s experience within LinkTrust with customized viewing and usage rights by individual user.

Scalable Platform

LinkTrust fits your current needs and also future business needs as you grow. We are always here to enable your business expansion.


Built on the latest technology to protect your sensitive data. Customize the security settings for your affiliates. We take your security very seriously.

White Labeled

Our customizable, white-labeled solution means you can have a fully branded platform to run your campaigns through.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Caps

Set limits on conversions and leads while getting real-time alerts when caps are met or getting close.

Data Feed and Syndication

Syndicate your entire product line to your affiliates for real-time product tracking, changes and product syndication.

Amazing Support

Our technical experts are on standby 24/7 to help provide proactive solutions and resolve any questions in a timely manner. Plus! they are just dang nice people.

Multiple Revenue Models

Track based on views, clicks, conversions, Rev-share, Up-sells, and more.


Customizable ping-tree to dynamically sell leads to the highest bidder.

User Tasks

Manage your daily tasks and assign new tasks and requests to other users.

Online University

Prefer to look up answers on your own? Use our online university resource. Provided for your convenience.

Offer Ratings

Create more social engagement by allowing affiliates to rate your offers.

Complete API

Build your own proprietary software and applications to run on top of our platform.

Domain Protection for Emailers

Proprietary tools for protecting your valuable domains from getting black listed.

User Friendly Interface

Intuitive interface and drag and drop functionality eliminate the need for high tech experience and make working easy!

Who we are

At LinkTrust, it’s more than just about technology, it's about people and your success.
We've got over a decade of digital marketing technology experience and are located in the center of the 'silicon slopes' of Utah. We power hundreds of advertisers, marketers, networks and ad agencies. We're also about making a positive impact in the digital marketing industry and the world. So, we don't allow the tracking of adult or gambling sites. For more information, read our Corporate Social Responsibility policy and see why you can trust your brand with LinkTrust.

We love our customers.


Ariel Soudak

Say Media Group

We are very impressed with the LinkTrust technology, accuracy and features. It seems like they really thought about everything and everyone while designing this software. Combine this with an un-paralleled level of support, great reports, advanced and multiple tracking options and we know we found a great partner.

Raquel Napier

Innovative Advertising

LinkTrust is by far the best tracking solution we have tried. We've tried many others and these guys are way ahead of their competitors. They're up-time is great, they have accurate tracking, their support is A++, they have good fraud filters, it's very user friendly and easy to work with.

Landon Taylor

SkyRocket Media

Usability has been fantastic, easy to learn if you are new, if you are already in the industry for a while, its got all of the features that you need to track. We have used all of the other platforms and LinkTrust has been more than enough!

Joy Miskovich


LinkTrust has been great for their customer service.  We absolutely have thoroughly enjoyed using the system and its definitely help our network grow and will continue to do so.

Okay, now that you know about us, let's get started!

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