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November 4, 2014

Alt-ID search, New APIs and More!

Updated Reports: We removed the Campaigns by Affiliate, Affiliates by Campaign and the Campaigns by Advertiser reports from the Reports tab. However, we have added more […]
September 18, 2014

Connect With Us

ERA D2C If you’re not selling your products online yet, you’ve got a problem. Retail data continues to show a preference for online shopping with little […]
September 18, 2014

Introducing Step Tracking

It’s not enough to know who referred your consumer to a page, optimizing your content for more conversions comes down to understanding the customer experience. LinkTrust’s […]
September 18, 2014

Unravelling Attribution

Is the latest industry term just a catchy buzzword or the next step in the evolution of marketing? Have you noticed how fickle our industry is […]