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Meet the most advanced compliance monitoring platform in performance marketing.

LinkTrust takes the hard work out of affiliate screening, compliance monitoring, and optimization, saving you time, and increasing revenue while reducing your risk.

Protect your business from brand violations and regulatory risks.

LinkTrust Intel® is a proprietary scanning technology layered onto traffic data from premium services to help filter out partners with content that could cause damage to your brand's reputation or contravene regulatory guidelines while identifying new opportunities.

  • Evaluate existing and new affiliates
  • Monitor red-flag and non-compliant content
  • Find new opportunities

Protect your business from  brand violations and regulatory risks.

Compliance Monitoring

Grow your performance marketing with confidence and reduce time spent monitoring affiliates knowing LinkTrust Intel is monitoring brand and regulatory compliance.

  • Monitor red flag content such as hate speech, illegal/prescription drugs, pornography, profanities, gambling, and misleading information.
  • Monitor phrases and keywords not in line with regulatory, partnership, product, and offer guidelines.
  • Get alerts of violations saving you time and money.

Screen affiliates  before approval.
Screen affiliates  before approval.

Screen affiliates before approval.

LinkTrust Intel merges compliance information with traffic data, providing your marketing team with immediate insights into the balance of risk and opportunity associated with an existing affiliate.

  • Screen affiliate websites and identify the originating source of the traffic
  • Ensure traffic is from approved channels with correct messaging and in line with regulatory, partnership, product, and offer guidelines.
  • Get insights on traffic, trends, and sources, plus your own competitor analysis of high-traffic pages to make swift, informed decisions.


LinkTrust Intel® boasts a vast proxy network, allowing you to view risk and traffic insights as they appear to residents in more than 25 countries.

  • Monitor estimated visits by country, global and local traffic trends, the sources of traffic to an affiliate site, and outbound click destinations.
  • Monitor affiliate tracking codes and campaign IDs connecting a site with your brands and highlight other websites using identical affiliate links for better network sleuthing!
  • Discover revenue losses due to affiliates competing for your brand's keywords in Google PPC, and redirects through affiliate links.

Identify missed  marketing opportunities.
Identify missed  marketing opportunities.

Identify opportunities.

Boost your revenue by Identifying low-risk, 'missed' marketing opportunities across your existing partner base.

  • Monitor for new content and high-traffic pages with untapped, relevant opportunities to promote your brand.
  • Generate a comprehensive opportunity report for each affiliate site.
  • Develop a customizable competitor analysis.

S. Sim
Guppy Media

“In terms of pixel tracking, the level of accuracy is unequaled – server to server tracking and postback is a breeze!”

Tommy H

“Everything can be set up without an IT person and should you need tech help just reach out to LinkTrust via chat or a call. Their customer service tech team are the best.”

L. Neering
Offerweb Director

“We have thoroughly enjoyed using the system and its definitely helped our network grow.”