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After Multiple Platforms, Rate Special Puts Their Trust and Reliability into the LinkTrust Team

“We're a specialized network in the performance marketing space. We also are a credit data reseller in the UK. We’ve been a user of Linktrust since around 2009 - so about 14 years. In that time span we've run and used in conjunction Hitpath, evaluated Cake and Everflow, and even built elements of our own system.

I've enjoyed a personal relationship with Linktrust Support. Their support has ALWAYS gone above and beyond to help me out and I can reach them through multiple channels including by phone directly. This has been HUGE because as a core part of our service, their system is effectively "us" and they understand how important it is for us to be in the know about what is going on. And this is true from the top down at all levels. Support for them, really is a whole company thing not just a specific part of their team.

Getting to the info you need easily. Some may argue it's not the prettiest - but I'll argue its usability for people who love data has been great. I hate clicking multiple times to get to some piece of data I'm looking for - Linktrust has all these shortcuts that make it easy to get where you need to go.

Trust is why we have used LinkTrust for so long. Every platform is going to have things that are great and things that are not so great. But knowing (1) their morality is key to who they are and how they operate, and (2) that I can depend on their honesty are in my opinion invaluable. My faith in them has been proven out time and time again over the years - they do what's right by us every time.

It may not be the flashiest. But day in and day out that reliability and trust is something I bet my livelihood (and everyone who I work with) on daily.”

- Bertrand Seow - Rate Special CTO