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4 Secrets to Successful Affiliate Marketing

With Performance Marketing, success can be measured in many ways, and in business, although money is vital, it is not necessarily the only measurement we want to take when thinking what leads to successful affiliate marketing. Here are 4 secrets to successful affiliate marketing.

1. Love What You Do

We’re sure you already know this, but hear me out. When it comes to being a successful affiliate marketer, you cannot be doing it just for the money. Audiences are too smart these days and will sniff you out in no time as a fraud if your are promoting products, services, tools, and more, simply for the money. It is imperative to look for real opportunities to connect with audiences and meet needs with affiliate marketing.

This way is not going to help you turn affiliate marketing lucrative for some time, but when the money does start coming in it will be much more fulfilling and create a business you can pull money from much longer.

2. To Pull or Push

Push marketing is “pushing” out offers and products to catch the attention of customers in the hopes of creating conversions. This is an aggressive form of marketing and may work for some products, but not all and it’s important to know which audiences need which.

Sometimes we need to draw in, or pull customers to you with engaging content honest information in what you trust and believe in. Use marketing tactics that provide information rather than push messaging. Look at the conversation around your audience. How can you offer insight about a product or service you promote within those conversations?

If you operate a blog and a website for either an individual affiliate marketer or company of affiliate marketers, use your recommendations and affiliate links that already incorporate your specific brand taste. This is a great method because it will be a little easier, more natural, and it makes building credibility and trust with your audience important.

3. Video and Media

Video is a great way to showcase how a product or service works and you can get really crafty with it to keep audiences interested. It’s versatile, but also allows for branding in the way you edit your videos. You can keep it simple and film yourself using the product, or put together a montage of multiple functions. this will not only captivate your potential audience, but also add interest to your current affiliate site. Include a resource page to all viewers to easily see what you recommend.

4. Using Tools

Think about using links like bitly or pretty link, which shorten affiliate links and contact them more optimized and easy to remember names. These sites also allow you to track the CTR and conversion rates on these links, which is just another way you can get to know your audience. If you are already using LinkTrust, you have a built-in option to customize and shorten any affiliate link on any campaign. It’s simply a matter of what works for you.

Don’t be afraid to put in the time to be a successful affiliate marketer. Hone your skills, narrow your audience and choose products you can get excited and stand behind and the income will end up as a secondary benefit as you rise to success.
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