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How Do Contextualized Ads Generate Revenue for You?

This is the first article in a series exploring monetization strategies to help you profit from traffic that typically goes to waste.

LinkTrust Contextual Ads (LCA) is a powerful tool for generating additional revenue from sunk-cost traffic. The formula is simple. Align high-intent audiences with curated and contextually relevant ads that pay on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. The outcome is high revenue per click (RPC) and effective cost-per-thousand impressions (eCPM) monetization.

Context is Everything

Aligning with your site’s content and your customer’s intent is key! The LCA is designed to be non-competitive yet complementary to the existing page or flows content. Contextualization equates to higher engagement and eCPMs. For example, if you are collecting a lead for solar panels, the LCA can display ads for windows, doors, or insurance that pays on a competitive CPC.

Examples include:

  • Search ads, text-based ads appearing on search engine results pages (SERPs);
  • Local search ads, which target users searching near their physical location;
  • Mobile-specific examples include in-app ads, SMS ads, and mobile search ads with features like click-to-call buttons and location maps with directions.

Go with the Flow

LinkTrust Contextual Ads are an effective way to monetize almost any page throughout your website, including blog, FAQ, content, and redirect pages. The highest-yielding placements are typically within an intent-based flow such as financial services, insurance, or other. Thank You or confirmation pages are ideal because you have already captured the lead or made the sale and can provide your customers with highly relevant, non-competitive ads where you get paid on the click.

Spinning Straw into Gold

The LinkTrust Contextual Ad Unit is easy to implement, test, and most importantly tracks the revenue produced through our client portal. Our algorithms and team of account managers work diligently to optimize the entire process to provide the maximum RPC and eCPM. As the algorithm understands what is working, clients have seen increases in RPC by over 300% from where they started.

In Conclusion

LinkTrust Monetization Ads, when intelligently placed and contextualized, can significantly boost revenue. By aligning intent with highly relevent ads, you achieve high RPC and eCPM, and monetize potentially wasted traffic to create new revenue streams – let us help turn your lost traffic into more profit!

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