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LinkTrust Lead Management is Both Compliant & Competitive


LinkTrust is the premier platform for Lead Management. Offering robust features and reliable tracking, it’s also ready to help you take on TCPA and FCC rulings. While these recent compliance rulings present a challenge to remain competitive in the Lead Management space, LinkTrust offers not only TCPA, CCPA, & GDPR compliance but all the tools you’ll need to capture, distribute, and sell leads. You can also analyze your lead management performance all in one place. LinkTrust is highly flexible as well as robust, as outlined below. 


TCPA & FCC Compliance in LinkTrust

The FCC’s recent TCPA amendments reflect its ongoing commitment to empower consumers with greater authority over their personal data, ensuring they have a say in how marketers utilize it. These new rules on consumer consent as well as how leads are sold are addressed within LinkTrust. Our team continues to monitor and ensure compliance.


Versatility that Requires No Coding

Real-time lead management is the default but you can customize for aged leads as well as create rules for distribution.  You can incorporate calculated data fields, implement tiered payouts, and utilize fraud detection for enhanced security. With ‘All The Time’ channels, seamlessly post data into your CRM whenever necessary, ensuring efficient and continuous lead management. 


Cultivate Lead Lifecycles

Pipeline stages within a lead management system support the lifecycle of a lead, providing a structured framework for its progression. Define each stage by a unique event or milestone. Assign a specific revenue or commission structure for each stage. This allows for granular tracking and optimization of conversion processes. 


Ping-Post Feature Set

LinkTrust’s Ping-Post provides flexibility to sell to any buyers you want to configure. This process means a lead’s partial info is sent to numerous buyers in real-time and then the lead is sold to the highest bidder. Ping-Post is a method of selling leads based on providing (or “pinging”) potential buyers partial lead information and allowing buyers to bid on the partial lead. The winner is then given (or “posted”) the rest of the complete lead data. The dynamic process affects optimal and efficient real-time sales.


Price Reject Model in Channels

Determine a channel’s Minimum Revenue value or allow the Affiliate to send in dynamic values that define the minimum. When the buyers respond with their bids, those bids that don’t meet the Minimum Revenue value are rejected.


Delayed Sell/Send of Leads

LinkTrust’s Delayed Leads allow you to configure custom timeframes for the delayed selling or sending of leads. It also supports the management of ‘aged leads’, allowing buyers to leverage this particular market. Again, here is another way you get to customize distribution for your particular business needs. 


Channel Webhooks – Coming Soon!

Utilize Channel Webhooks to notify third-party applications when a channel has been accepted. A Channel Webhook presents an efficient solution by firing in one of three specific cases: Accepted status; Rejected status; or Both whenever a channel is attempted. This feature enhances tracking and integration capabilities, providing precise notifications for each distribution channel.


In Conclusion

LinkTrust LeadGen offers a comprehensive suite of lead management solutions. It facilitates the capture and delivery of leads to buyers, either in real-time or if preferred in a custom delayed delivery timeframe. The platform supports lead routing from any source, allowing users to set rules without the need for coding. Moreover, it provides robust tracking capabilities to monitor the performance of your lead distribution, ensuring transparency and efficiency in lead management processes.