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9 Strategies for Successful Affiliate Marketers

With over 25,000 active affiliates as part of our platform, we get asked all the time for the best practices and strategies for affiliate marketers. With this in mind, here are our top 9 strategies for successful affiliate marketers. Let’s jump in!

  1. Online cross promote-Think about spreading out your message to help guide the user to the most relevant information and gear your content at several platforms to bring them into one area where your information lies. For example, create a social media advertisement that promotes your live video feed, podcast or webinar.
  2. Mobile and load speed-To be successful in affiliate marketing you must understand where your audience is looking at your site from. People can’t easily read your regular website information on a smaller screen such as their mobile device. Our studies now indicate a staggering growth of mobile online users. Optimizing for mobile and considering how long it takes your site to load, can make or break a sale and future loyal customers.
  3. Demonstrate products- This one sort of explains itself. When someone is interested in purchasing a product, they are always going to be interested in “trying it out” if they can. Kind of like test driving a car. You might be on the fence about that car, until you test drive it. That test drive is what closed the deal. That’s what a product demonstration can do for you.
  4. Google rankings and quality content- Google is focused on content. Good, quality, relevant content is a huge ranking factor in their system. Focus on your content and push your rating into a top position. But remember, write for the user, not Google.
  5. Trend expertise- Staying on top of trends is going to be what divides the leaders from the followers. Our technology is vast improving and advancing. By staying on top of trends, you’ll become the expert. That lends invaluable credibility to your brand. But be careful you don’t jump the gun. Trends are trends because they don’t last and are ever changing. Keep your roots grounded in solid, well proven strategies, and keep an eye on trends with careful consideration.
  6. Web design- At this point in the world wide web, we just have too much aesthetically pleasing websites. Make sure your site is up to standards, because your audience expects the best when deciding where to put their money. Our audiences are smart and are looking at everything we do to ensure their purchase. Don’t let them down, and they won’t let you down.
  7. Anticipate needs and products that can fulfill those needs- Standing out means having information that not everyone else is privy to. That includes the next big thing. If you can be the first to try an up and coming product, You’ll become the source of information for all the influences who follow in your wake.
  8. Publish fresh relevant content consistently- We’ve already talked about how Google ranks based on content, but it’s also important to consistently update your content, and provide new fresh information. This shows not only Google, but your audience you are active. Publishing regular content is an almost guaranteed method for reaching more people. It is a slow, but sure method for reving up your current audience base.
  9. Establish credibility & Trust- Credibility and trust are two huge factors in any relationship, but especially important when money is concern. Establish these building blocks of your brand with honest, transparent, and authentic information. You will see the return not only in dollar signs but in returning customers and brand advocates

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