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Take the Guesswork Out of Fraud Detection

Ensure Your Content is Seen By Real People

Filter Out Bots & Fraud to Increase Performance

  • 99.999% accuracy marking visitors fraudulent
  • Continually validates heuristics against data
  • Assess 100s of data points in your traffic

Joe D'Aloia, Director of Campaign Operations

"Anura doesn't just mitigate ad fraud, it grows your company. Since making the switch to Anura, our clients have seen a 100% improvement in the quality of traffic and increased their spend with us. Anura is boosting our ROl along with helping our company grow; no other ad fraud solution has ever done that for us."

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Protect Your Web Assets by Eliminating Bots, Malware, and Human Fraud

Anura takes the guesswork out of fraud detection. We provide the industry’s leading fraud solution with definitive results to improve your conversions and marketing spend.

  • No False Positives™ | No Lost Opportunities
  • Find More Fraud™ | Maximize Campaign Performance
  • Proof of Fraud™ | Trusted Transparent Data

Never Block Real Visitors:

Detects fraud with 99.999% accuracy when marking a visitor as fraudulent. No other solution even comes close.

Stay Ahead of the Curve:

Anura continually validates and updates rules and heuristics against true conversion data.

Examines and assesses hundreds of data points about your traffic:

Learn WHO or WHAT is visiting your web assets and improve performance.

Leveraging machine learning:

with decades of human expertise to better identify fraud.

Uncover SIVT:

reveal the most sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) and prevent ever-evolving fraudulent traffic by bots, malware, and human activities.


displays summarized data for the granular insight necessary to remove any doubt of accuracy.

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