LinkTrust Announces Partnership With Revenue Tree to Grow Affiliate Marketplace

Partnership with Revenue Tree will offer advertisers access to millions of new conversion opportunities each day Draper, Utah, November 17, 2020 – LinkTrust, an industry leader in performance marketing software announces a formal partnership with Revenue Tree to leverage hidden assets within the LinkTrust platform and grow and develop its affiliate marketplace. “We’re very proud […]

The Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Trends To Have On Your Radar In 2020

When it comes to affiliate marketing, it really is survival of the fittest. Not only is the landscape of digital marketing changing at a breakneck pace, but there are also countless new affiliates joining all the time. So how can you, as an affiliate marketer, ensure that you’re reaching new prospects and driving better results? […]

4 Hacks To Detect and Prevent Affiliate Marketing Fraud

The affiliate marketing sector is already worth $12 billion, and yet it’s expected to grow by as much as 10% within the next few years — how many other marketing channels can claim that? But — and it’s a big but — there is a dark side: affiliate fraud.  In this post, we explore what […]

B2B Referral Program 101 – 6 Simple Ideas to Drive Leads and Generate Sales

In the B2B space, customer relationships are essential. But how do you build them at scale?  The answer is as simple as it is elegant: a B2B referral program. Built on the ancient concept quid pro quo (i.e. you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours), the referral model is a way to nurture brand […]

What Does A Typical Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel Look Like?

When it really comes down to it, sales is all about storytelling. It’s about inviting a prospect to take a journey with you: a journey of discovery which reveals, ever so gradually, exactly why they need to purchase a certain product or service from you. The very best salespeople in the world are able to […]