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Supercharge Your Fraud Defense with IPQS Intelligence

Arm Yourself with the LinkTrust-IPQS Solution:

  • Safeguard 300+ Data Points
  • Minimal integration time
  • 50+ custom account settings

L. Neering, Network Director

"We've been using IPQS for a several years now, and I have to say, I'm impressed. Their fraud detection service is top-notch, providing accurate and reliable results. The best part is their excellent support team, always ready to help with any questions or issues. We feel much more secure knowing that IPQS is helping to protect our business from fraudulent activities. Highly recommended!"

Ready to Fight Smart?


Over 10 Years of Detecting Bots, Stopping Fraud, and Securing Enterprises

LinkTrust’s native integration with IPQS enables you to instantly use your current LinkTrust account with the advanced anti-fraud features of IPQS.

Proactively Prevent Fraudulent Attacks

  • IPQS sifts out bad traffic in real-time
  • The integration auto-generates a fraud score
  • Custom configure fraud score thresholds

Global Honeypot Network:

Captures high-risk data using a network of over 10,000 honeypots and traps

IPQS Customer Network:

Benefit from shared insights across 100m+ daily transactions from 3,500+ businesses

Emerging Botnets:

We monitor over 300,000 live botnets and newly updated residential IPs

Dark Web Scan:

Daily update on exposed passwords and personal information from the dark web

Industry Blocklists:

Immediate protection against emerging threats detected on other sites and apps in your industry

Clean, Real-Time Data:

Our proprietary datasets have been refined for over a decade giving us unparalleled insight into daily shifts of risk signals.

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